Friday, 24 June 2011

Part One

'Why have you come, Unilluminated one?
Do you come to seek the knowledge of the light that burns within?'

So spoke the Raven, the Sacred Messenger of the Gods.

The message was without wrath, for in these times of turbulence when Mankind moved further away from belief, the Gods shared their final and greatest Mystery with all who would listen.

'The light
is within you all. It can be kindled only with love and tolerance. This is your lesson, learn it well, for it may be the last we will give - You may become a shining beacon in a world cast with darkness and despair. The worth of you, our precious child is measured not in gold coin but in the brightness that burns within your very soul. It has ever been thus and will always be.'

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Red Heads and Conundrums

Life is a puzzle. Sometimes even if you think a piece fits, it doesn't. It can be perfect on 3 sides, but then throws the whole picture into chaos when you try to fit the forth piece. This can apply in all sorts of games, but on an interpersonal level it is most apt when others play mind games with you.

You have to wonder what satisfaction people get from being spiteful and hurtful. All I can say is that I am instantly ridding my life of those who ascribe to those traits.

I saw this Caravaggio in St Johns Co-Cathedral in Valletta a couple of weeks ago and cried. It was amazing! It looked like a photograph. Poor Caravaggio was quite mentally ill, he fought duels, was deported from countries and imprisoned during his short, unhappy life. What a remarkable talent he had though.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

TARA Forums

Tara is my latest project. The message boards were conceived and birthed just two weeks ago and already our membership has reached 30.
The message boards have a wide and eclectic subject matter, from book reviews and suggestions to recipes, music, history, ecology, paranormal and current affairs amongst other things.
The ethos is friendly and we have some lovely members. I hope membership increases and more posts are generated.