Sunday, 19 December 2010

A beautiful poem

I wish to share one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read written by Richard Jones at Tara Hill in Ireland (2006)

I shall tell you tales of heroes
And gods who walked as men
On mountains where the wild wind blows
Or across the darkling fen
I shall tell you tales that minstrels told
...Of vengeful queens and warriors bold
Of kings who sleep and ne'er grow old
In caves their dreams residing.

I shall tell you tales of outlaws
And hounds that roam the night
In hidden realms through secret doors
Where saints and giants fight
I shall tell you tales of long lost lands
Buried now 'Neath shifting sands
Where dancing maids have long held hands
In stone their spirits writhing.

So come gather by the fire
Let the moonlight be our stage
The stars shall be our choir
And the moonlight be our page
Bring forth the souls of days gone by
With a thousand tales they'll fill the sky
Till the glowing embers fade and die
And the night's cloak wraps around us.

Richard Jones' Bio is here.

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