Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Christians and the Pagans

In my home there has never been a problem with different faiths. My Husband is, and always has been a Christian. He has recently started taking an interest in my faith, which is nice.
Today, I celebrate the Solstice with some quiet reflection and a happy heart, without any of the overt commercialism that goes along with all the trappings of Christmas .
In a few days I shall make sure he has the nicest Christmas celebration I can give him, with all the traditional trimmings. I have no problems with recognising The Christ as a Prophet, as seems to be my central theme - All Gods are one and the same anyway.
However you worship, this is a time to be together as a family.

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  1. As a follow up to this, the tide is turning. I have been attacked on several fronts about my beliefs (not on the home front though, that remains as peaceful as ever).
    Even though, I do not share my beliefs with strangers / or indeed, people I don't know very well, that doesn't seem to stop people wanting to offer (a, sometimes vitriolic) attack from behind the banner of their Christ (forgetting the Christian God is supposed to be one of love) while bleating that they are attacked for their belief. Well, anyone for a game of double standards?